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Swim Video Analysis


Your coach will contact you to set up a time for your analysis. Analyses can be done in person (if local) or take place in a fully remote setting. If remote, all you need is your smartphone and a friend, we’ll take care of the rest!  Your coach will explain the how to capture the videos and how to submit them to our OnForm app. Your technique will then be analyzed for any weak spots and followed up with appropriate drills, exercises, and/or stretches to help you improve.

The Package Includes:

30-Minute Pre-Call

A discussion of:

  • Your swimming background and current goals
  • Review of past and/or current lessons/experiences
  • What swim tools/aides are in your swim bag
  • How to capture effective video with the OnForm app (or otherwise)
Analysis Session

Your coach will analyze your video(s) for:

  • Identification of any swim mechanic deficiencies
  • Head/body position, rotation and breathing mechanics, arm/stroke mechanics, balance and kick
  • Suggestion and demonstration of any required strengthening, and/or stretching activities to compensate for swim mechanic deficiencies identified
  • Swimming drill suggestions (and demonstration), if required, to compensate for swim mechanic deficiencies identified

Your coach will deliver a PDF’d document and schedule a follow-up call covering:

  • An angular and metric-based analysis of bodyline, position in water, arm angles and rotation
  • Recommendations for strength-based exercises, to address your specific needs
  • Recommendations for drill work, to address your specific needs
  • Recommendations around specific flexibility needs


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