Create well-rounded, physically strong and capable endurance athletes while also empowering them to find balance with training and life, and be the best, healthiest version of themselves possible.


  • Introducing you to the endurance world (if you're new), and providing you with all the knowledge and information you need to get started and get to work on your goals. Think of us as your specialist for on-boarding you into your sport of choice in a fun, sustainable way.
  • Looking at the whole picture and treating you as more than just an athlete. You are a human just like the rest of us, with kids, careers, and stress to manage. We get that.
  • Optimizing your time and energy so you can maximize fitness without giving up the rest of your life. We want your time in the sport to be enjoyable, and even more importantly, we want your family, and friends to be on-board, cheering you on the whole way.


Our coaching methodology hinges on two core beliefs:

  • That athletes, regardless of ability, achieve their best results when they take a big-picture, balanced approach to their training. That, as much as possible, training should fit around life, not the other way around. Very few of us can train like pros for very long before the rest of life catches up with us.
  • Taking a balanced approach that meshes well with the rest of their lives positions our athletes to nail the biggest factor to their success: being consistent. If you are able to stay healthy, enjoy the training and still maintain a somewhat normal life, you are far more likely to stick with it and be consistent.

While consistency may seem as simple as showing up and putting the miles in every day, it is so much more. The endurance portion of training is really just one aspect that is always at play with the other three cornerstones for consistent hard-work: adequate recovery, proper nutrition, and developing strength and durability.

When athletes balance these four cornerstones well, they are able to stay injury-free, recover quickly, and consistently put in the high-quality work necessary to arrive at peak performances. That’s why these two core beliefs form the foundation of all of our plans and coaching.

Let’s take moment to dig into the four cornerstones a little more deeply:

Endurance Training: Quite simply this is the work done in your respective endurance sport, whether that is swimming, cycling, running or all three! We work with our athletes to achieve the necessary volume and intensity while combining it with healthy lifestyle practices to avoid accumulated fatigue and improve performance.

Adequate Recovery: One of the most important aspects of training, recovery is the body’s way of harnessing all of the gains possible from the hard work you will put in preparing for your race season. Recovery includes sleep, massage therapy, easier workouts and so much more. Regularly scheduling recovery days (both active and inactive) as well as deloading weeks is fundamental to long-term success.

Nutrition and Fueling: We break this down into two categories, both equally important to recovering well and performing optimally. Fueling is how we describe the calories (and hydration) we take in right before, during, and after exercise. Smart fueling drives excellent performances. Nutrition, on the other hand, is how we refer to the daily diet. How you eat on a daily basis sets the stage for how your body responds to the demands you put on it through challenging training.

Strength & Durability: Endurance sports are high repetition endeavors. If your body cannot move well in small doses, it certainly will not hold up well over the longer durations typical of endurance sports, eventually leading to injury. That’s why it is so crucial to spend time building functional strength and working on mobility. Ensuring the body can repeatedly achieve the correct, efficient positions the sport demands of it leads to a strong, durable athlete.