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The TriCollective

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The TriCollective

What is The TriCollective?

The TriCollective is built to help the self-coached beginner or intermediate athlete get the most out of their training time and cut through all the noise so they can focus on what’s most important. It is weekly guidance and insights, so you know exactly what to be working on throughout the season. You will have monthly access to a coach through group “coffee chats” on Zoom (or in person if schedules allow).

It is scalable training that meets you where you are at. You will have access to a shared community training plan for triathlon that will grow or shrink based on your goals (i.e. short versus long course). Each season, athletes are entitled to up to two 6-week event-specific plans to help them dial in before race day.

It is loads of resources from gear reviews and recommendations, to discounts, to webinars and trainings. Whether you are new to the sport or looking to level up, there will be something for you.

Who is it for? Why should I sign up?

The Triathlon Collective is perfect for anyone who wants more guidance and community but doesn’t necessarily want to go all the way into one-on-one coaching. Think of it as self-coaching with a boost and a bunch of friends! If you are just getting started in the triathlon world and need some guidance or have been in it a little while and want to hone your approach, this is perfect for you.


    • Inclusion in a supportive and inspiring community of like-minded athletes. Access to members-only groups (Facebook, Strava, Zwift) and team workouts.
    • A balanced and scalable plan to help you thrive out on course and back at home. Plan delivered via TrainingPeaks and updated monthly. You can pick up to two target A-races each year and will receive a 6-8-week intermediate training plan tailored to your specific race as each approaches.
    • Access to coach support through monthly “open office hours” so you can get specific guidance on strategy, goals, or customizing your plan.
    • Team membership and access to the Beyond Endurance ecosystem, including resources, webinars, in-person and virtual training sessions, and more.
    • Significant discounts (50% or more) on all Beyond Endurance courses and performance services (e.g. swim or run analysis).
    • 50% off coach consultations – this is a nice way to have some input to your training plan or self-coaching without jumping all the way into one-on-one coaching.
    • Access to member-only product discounts on a wide range of brands and products.
    • Early access and discounts to training camps (coming soon).


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