Training Stress Assessment Tool

Use the tool below to assess yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 for each metric. In each instance, 10 is the best case scenario, and 1 the worst, i.e. very sore muscles would warrant a Muscle Soreness score of 2-3. 

Once complete, the calculator will total the ratings.

  • If the total score is 70-80%, reduce the workout volume/time by 20%. If you have a higher intensity session on the calendar (such as a tempo, threshold, VO2 max, or hill workout) consider dropping an interval or adjusting the targets down by 5-10% (which you can do easily on training apps like Zwift or TrainerRoad).
  • If the total score is between 60 and 70%, reduce it by 50% and reduce the intensity to RPE 2-3 (Zone 1). 
  • When the total score is less than 60%, rest completely until your score reaches 90-100%.

If you prefer printing things off and doing them by hand, you can also snag this as a PDF here: