Run Video Capture Instructions

1) If using your phone, be sure to set it to Slo-Mo or a higher FPS (frames per second) setting. With the OnForm app, select at least 1080p and 120 or more FPS. If using a GoPro or similar, you should be okay.

2) Be sure you have warmed-up and are running at a normal/comfortable pace prior to filming. Make sure you allow so space to get up to speed. 

  • If you want to capture any differences in fatigued vs. fresh, capture video before and after a longer or more strenuous run.

3) Try to capture at least 5-10s of running per angle if possible.

4) As far angles/videos, here is what I need:

  • From behind, with your whole body in the frame. You may want to start behind the camera person and run past or have them follow you. Same for #2.
  • From in front, with your whole body in the frame.
  • From each side, either panning as you run by, or someone running alongside. Make sure your whole body is in the frame.