Make them a reality with built-for-you training, supportive coaching, and powerful tools to track your progress.

Why Beyond Endurance?

Performance Training for the Everyday Athlete

Beyond Endurance's mission is to help the beginner to intermediate level endurance athlete connect the dots between their dreams and reality. When working with the everyday athlete, you have to look at the whole picture. You are more than just an athlete. You are a human just like the rest of us, with kids, careers, and stress to manage. We get that. Coaching and training plans from Beyond Endurance will optimize your time and energy so you can maximize fitness without giving up the rest of your life. We want your time in the sport to be enjoyable, and even more importantly, we want your family, and friends to be on-board, cheering you on the whole way. Endurance can take many forms, and our coaching is cross disciplinary. We welcome triathletes, cyclists (road/gravel/MTB), and runners (trail/road) alike to work with us to reach their goals,

Endurance Coaching

Beyond Endurance coaching provides a customized training experience for all levels of athlete. We believe in creating plans that meet the needs and lives of each individual athlete. All of our programs are designed to accommodate your lifestyle needs and to work within your available training hours. We focus on developing your fitness, endurance, and race-day performance while having fun.

How Coaching Works


We work together to set your goals

Regardless of where you are starting from, whether it’s a challenge from a friend or a longtime dream that you are finally ready to embark upon, we will sit down together to talk about your goals, find out what really makes you excited about them, and set some milestones for the journey ahead.


We put those goals in the context of your everyday life

Once we’ve ironed out some concrete goals and milestones, it’s time to talk about how to make them fit inside of your existing life. Unless you are a bonafide professional athlete, you have other obligations to juggle that will impact your training. We want to take a deep look at that and create a plan that fits as well as possible into your existing life. This builds the foundation for the consistency that will get you where you want to go.


We create a plan, and support it with regular coach contact

Once we have put your goals into the context of your daily life, it is then time to handcraft the training that will get you to your event ready to roll. The hard work of planning is done! All you have to do is show up and put in the work. It doesn’t just stop at a plan, though. Training, just like life, has its ups and downs, with plot twists along the way. That’s why you will be in regular contact with your coach, so you can stay accountable and adjust course as needed to stay on track.

"Training should work with your life, not totally disrupt it. That's the only way to create the consistency needed to make your dreams a reality"

About Coach Shawn

Shawn is a long-time coach, endurance athlete, and writer with a (slight) obsession for testing the limits in a wide variety of endurance disciplines. Initially from a cycling background, Shawn moved into triathlon where the sport and people captured his heart, and lit a fire that eventually kickstarted his coaching career. 

It is rare that you find a coach that gives all of himself to his clients at any level -- Shawn is amazing at this! He definitely pushes you to your limits, then celebrates your accomplishments right alongside you!! He has such an amazing base of knowledge - constantly sharing and growing me to be my best.


Ironman Finisher

Shawn has coached me mentally and physically to where I want to be on race day. He has been extremely helpful with detailed workouts and explaining what it takes to reach your goals. Shawn worked around my busy schedule to plan workouts in a way that I can still get great results with limited time.

Jordon A.

Ironman Finisher

Shawn is a wonderful coach! In the two years I've spent with him, I have managed to achieve every goal I set out to conquer. Most importantly, he has helped me reach my goals injury free.

Lisa K.

Marathon Finisher

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